Sunday, December 31, 2000

Unpacking the `Joint' in Joint Forest Management

 “Unpacking the `Joint' in Joint Forest Management.” In Development and Change, 31, 2000, 255-279. 

This article examines the concept of jointness in India’s joint forest management program, understood as an engagement between the state (in this case forest department) and people organised into `communities', with NGOs, where available, acting as the interface. By examining the commonalties between older examples of joint or co-management of resources and current practices of joint forest management, the paper challenges the notion that `jointness' is a new feature of forest policy, or that it represents a resurgence of civil society against the state. Further, insofar as the basic agenda of the program is pre-determined,  it is not very participatory. However, within the limited degree of choice that JFM allows, there is a new and joint construction of needs.

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