Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Burning Forest: India's War in Bastar

--> The Indian Government has repeatedly described Maoist guerrillas as 'the biggest security threat to the country’ and Bastar in central India as their headquarters. This book chronicles how the armed conflict between the government and the Maoists has devastated the lives of some of India's poorest, most vulnerable citizens, starting from 2005 when a government- sponsored vigilante movement killed hundreds and drove thousands of villagers into camps, to the present day when it is the most militarized region in the country. It is not a coincidence that Bastar has some of India’s biggest mineral reserves. 
Based on extensive field visits, court testimonies, government documents and an active participant role in the events she writes about,  Sundar also tracks the responses of political parties, the media, human rights activists and the judiciary to the ongoing crisis.